"I want you to know some things I'm experiencing with HGH.  My self-esteem has risen, I have a lot of energy, my hair stopped falling out and I sleep good.  I get so many more things done in a day.  I know I will have other things yet to happen.  I got the copies made on Friday, I believe I need to fax you a set of the copies I had made.  I love it!

Glenda T.
Concord, CA


 "I started HGH May 19, 2000, I weighed 224lbs.  By May 25th I have more energy, a good attitude, and started trail walking 3 1/2 hours a week.  I do so much more than I ever have!  Sleeping a lot better and feeling good when I get up.  HGH has changed my life, I stopped taking manic depressant med., no longer need them.  It's June 25th, yesterday went on an 8 1/2 hour 15 mile walk through water, climbed a steep hill and walked a mile uphill.  Walked road back 8 miles.  Today I got up feeling good, just a little sore.  My weight is now 219, also lost body fat from 51 percent to 49.  I just wanted to say thanks and I am keeping a journal on my progress.  Just wanted to let you know it works, truly thankful!"

Deborah K.
Fort Bragg, CA   


This letter arrives with praise for your Human Growth Hormone spray.  I purchased a bottle from my exercise teacher in November 2001 and was amazed with the ease of use.  Many of the HGH products that I have investigated and used are messy powders to be mixed with water.  I discovered these powders hardened and clumped over time and some of the powder was unable to be used.  Thank you so much for an easy to use product!  As a Holistic Practitioner, I will be glad to offer this product to my clients.  The spray helped me to sleep and I have experienced much less pain in my joints from an injury years ago with the use of just one bottle.  This letter comes with an order for more product.  Thank you!

Victoria A.
Holistic Practitioner
Claremont, CA 

I took one case of HGH and began feeling the effects fairly quickly, albeit they were subtle. A few months in, I began realizing the aches and pains I had been feeling all over my body were subsiding.  I used to get up out of bed and have to stay hunched over all the way to the bathroom in the morning.  I was so stiff and achy.  I'm not exactly Cirque de Soleil material, but there's been a marked improvement there.  Also, one of my knees was bothering me so much I was having trouble kneeling- I work with children and have to do that all through the day.  I never notice it anymore!  Also, I have more energy, that's probably been the biggest change.  Here it is 7 p.m., I got home from work, fixed supper for my grand children, did the dishes, and am still going strong.  That's pretty good for 60.  And, my digestion has improved.  We won't go into the nuts and bolts of that, but it has.  And my hair looks healthier and I don't feel like it's all falling out anymore.  People are telling me all the time I look good.  I wouldn't quit HGH for the world!
Marta ( via email )

"I have been using your product, the 'HGH' for about two months now and have already noticed a definite increase in energy.  As an Emergency Physician, my long hours and constant stress take a lot out of me and my sleep requirement is very high.  I am finding that now I need less sleep than before and I still have a lot of energy.  I will continue to use the HGH in anticipation of the other benefits and I will recommend it to my friends, family and co-workers."  

Dr. Justin C. DO
Honeoye Falls, NY 

I have been using Physicians Blend HGH for almost a year.  After receiving my first order, I was a little apprehensive, but followed the instructions for taking the product.  Within the first week, I was amazed at how much better I was feeling!  My energy level had definitely improved.

Over the next few week, my energy level would go up, then back down.  The information indicated that HGH would possibly do that, as my body got used to the increased hormone.  Soon, my sexual drive was far better, my sleeping patterns improved, and my body shape seemed to improve.

My girlfriend, (also in her mid 40's) was having pain with her menstruations.  Her physician had put her back on birth control pills to smooth out her cycle.  And although that was effective, she did not like some of the other side effects of prolonged us of birth control pills.  She went off the birth control pills, and tried my HGH.  After two months, her pain had completely gone.

We are both completely satisfied with results and use the product as directed. It truly is a remarkable product.
Allan T
Eagle ID

I've been taking your Physicians Blend HGH for 3 1/2 months and find myself feeling wonderful.  I saw a friend 500 miles away over the weekend and she said did you get a face lift?  You look 20 years younger.  I've also slimmed down without dieting.  My skin, hair and nails are looking better.  All in all it works.  I gave her your phone number and she'll be calling you.  She needs this stuff bad.  She's 12 years younger than me and looks 10 years older.  I'll be 68 in November and nobody can believe this.  I love your product!  Its done wonders for me.
Darlene C
San Marcos CA  

I'm a 44 year old woman in the midst of numerous "body changes".  I've struggled with numerous health issues for years - chronic fatique, arthritis, anemia, hypothyroidism, to name a few - only to have gotten worse over the last year.  I believe a large part of the downfall was in stopping use of your HGH Extreme.  I just put myself back on it and all of the many benefits are already showing up: Better sleep, younger-looking skin, firm muscles, emotional stability, total increase of energy, decreased body aches, much improved sex drive ;), weight loss, and just general better overall health.

I can't thank you enough, for in these fast-paced, demanding times, your formula is a God-send!!!
Ellen S
Studio City CA